Get a Powerful Resume – My Resume Writing Process

I personally work with each client myself and spend an average of 15+ hours per project. This is unique in our industry where you often get handed off to a less experienced writer – or worse, a resume mill where the writer may not even speak English as their 1st language. Career documents are an area where you generally get what you pay for – and the stakes are high!

Quality career documents are not designed in a single session, my process generally takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish:

1. Review services and pricing.  Please review my packages and prices to ensure I align with your expectations and budget. Click here to view all packages, services, and pricing.

2. Schedule a phone call. We will start with a 1-on-1 phone conversation. It’s a casual conversation – I will learn more about you, clearly understand your career goals, explain my process, and answer your questions. There is no charge for this phone call, it’s our chance to see if we will work well together. Click here to see my availability and reserve a time.

3. Complete your homework. Each client receives a comprehensive homework assignment via email that must be completed and returned before your project is scheduled. This multi-faceted assignment asks the “dig deep” questions necessary for me to create unique, branded career documents.

4. Purchase services. Once your homework assignment is complete, it’s time to purchase services. Before you purchase, please check with me to ensure you select the correct career level. All packages are based on *total* years of career experience but may be adjusted up or down based on complexity and next steps. You can purchase securely on my website HERE or you can request an invoice via email.

5. Work with Candace. I never use subcontracted writers. I personally create, edit, and finalize each document – this is by far one of the biggest “perks” of hiring me. After your purchase, I will schedule your project and confirm exact start/finish dates.

6. Receive your documents. 1st draft resume/cover letter documents are returned within 5 business days and we will finalize all resume edits before moving to LinkedIn. Most projects take a full 2-3 weeks from start to finish. I am not set up for rush turnarounds and feel you get the highest ROI when we follow my standard process.

7. Review and revise documents. Upon reviewing your new documents, you may want to make some edits. These documents should be a strong reflection of your talents and you should be excited to use them. I don’t put limitations on the editing process, however, rarely do my clients have more than 1-2 rounds.

8. Work on LinkedIn. Once your resume/cover letter documents are complete, we will work on LinkedIn profile optimization. This portion takes 5 business days and I have several different options for service delivery depending on the package you select. Your profile will be totally rewritten in a more personal, personable style with a strong focus on keyword optimized content for your specific goals.

9. Project finalization. After your documents are designed, edited, and finalized, I will send an email loaded with job search resources. Please review each package’s details to see what is included.

10. Get noticed! Start using your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile! Be sure to check back in and let me know once you land a new job. I love to hear success stories!